Friday, October 30, 2009

JAY-Z- Empire State of Mind feat. Alicia Keys

Video finally dropped. Definitely Hype Williams' style. I'm digging the black and white. It gives the video a simplistic beauty :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mixtape: Clinton Sparks & DJ Benzi Present- Mike Posner: One Foot Out The Door

Fresh new mixtape thanks to fellow Bostonian Clinton Sparks (and others, but I had to get that Boston ShoutOut in there). Solid tracks, I was especially hyped about the "Don't Trust Me" remix featuring Cudi doing his thing.

Mike Posner: One Foot Out The Door

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Radio Rip)

This record made my jaw drop when it came out last night. Perfect combination of beat and rhyme. Jay kills this shit. I'll update with the CDQ when it drop.

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Radio Rip)

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings (Mixtape)

This was supposed to drop on Halloween but it leaked. Here's the full version in tagged mp3s. Happy Studying!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Fire track produced by Pharrell featuring the lovely Teyana Taylor. If this doesn't hit the clubs soon, I'm going to have to re-evaluate the world's taste in music.

Missy Elliott- Put It On Ya feat. Teyana Taylor

BET Hip Hop Awards Da Cypher: Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought

SICK!!! (omg, I can't take it! but actually. so tough) That's for all the Eminem haters out there... what do you have to say now???!!!! This dude deserves to be considered one of the greatest rappers alive, no question.

shoutout to for the vid.

Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beats - I Can Transform Ya

Is it safe to say Breezy's back? I've seen mixed reviews from the Pton twitter community but I'm glad to see a male pop star killin the dance moves again. Chris is up for a real test tonight as he headlines his first concert since the incident. Hopefully he can pul it together and do big things. Be a shame for all the talent to go to waste.

Idle Warship Mixtape- Party Robot

Here's a little midterm gift. Kweli tweeted this a few minutes ago and y'all deserve a little reward for all the all-nighters, papers, tests, and RiseAndGrinds you've been putting in since September.
This is Idle Warship's first mixtape. It's pretty techno-y, but "real" hip-hoppers can still vibe with it. Right now it's playing in the background as I get ready for this Japanese midterm--mellow enough to not distract me, but has enough of an edge to keep me awake.
Ok, so without further ado (really--it goes straight to the download page) here is Party Robot

Good luck with midterms...I gotta get back to studying!

Monday, October 26, 2009

DRAKE- Beautiful Music

Here's a Drake Throwback, before anyone even recognized his flow.
Homework for the Week: do your Drake research....that's before So Far Gone if you didn't know he existed before then.

Drake- Beautiful Music

*shout out to D. Scott for putting me on

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lil Wayne - Run This Town

When he's on (like he is here) he's untouchable... Too bad he's bout to be locked up. Maybe he'll pull a TI and start writing again.

Lil Wayne - Run This Town Freestyle

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trey Songz ft. Juelz Santana and Fabolous - Say Aah Remix

This one is a heater. Pause on the title tho. I'm glad Fab switched the flow up for this one as well

Say Aah Remix - Trey Songz ft. Juelz Santana and Fabolous

BONUS: The original version

The Game - Heaven

Game on a laid back west Coast beat. Good to hear him namedropping again even if the chorus is silly lol.

50 Cent - Crime Wave

Here's a new record from Fif's oft pushed back Before I Self Destruct. Not gonna lie, it goes kinda hard, even tho I feel like 50 isn't really showing growth musically. For a rapper on his 4th album, there's gotta be more to talk about than that Gangsta BS. He says the album is supposed to be a prequel to Get Rich or Die Tryin...All Aggressive Content (minus that jawn with Ne-Yo). I guess I'll reserve judgment till the album drops...

50 Cent - Crime Wave

Props to

R.I.P KANYE WEST: We Were Once a Fairytale

Kanye West will be releasing a short film directed by Spike Jonze called, "We Were Once a Fairytale." Not sure if it was supposed to be released yet; he posted an apology on his blog saying, "Sorry I had to take it down."

The film shows Kanye, playing himself, depicting what fame will do to a man. This is one of the many reasons why I love Kanye West, check it out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MARIO- Thinkin About You

Did not know Mario was coming out with a new track. I'm feeling this one a lot more than "Break Up."

*Kanye shrug*

Also, I heard DNA is a hot album, I'm about to go cop that soon.


The Queen is back.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yo Gotti - 5 STAR CHICK (REMIX) feat. Gucci Mane, Trina, and Nicki Minaj

I enjoy this remix video so much better than the original version simply because of Trina and Nicki Minaj. 5 Star Chicks at their finest representing in the game. Plus the theatrics of Nicki Minaj are funny in a fly way, it's got to be the highlight of the video. Check it out.

Friday, October 9, 2009


VH1 premiered T.I.'s Behind the Music last night. Here he talks about the death of his friend two years ago, his arrest, and his road to resurrection.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lupe Fiasco - Fire

Lupe on a hendrix sample ftw!
Lupe Fiasco - Fire

Snoop Dogg ft. The Dream - Gansta Luv

This is a great collab. First good song I've heard from the Malice in Wonderland era of Snoop's career.

Snoop Dogg ft. The Dream - Gansta Luv

New VA Music

I'ma put ya'll on to some VA Club music real quick...

DJ Jack of Spade ft. Ronnie Blaze and Dout Gotcha - Bend it Ova

Dout Gotcha ft. DJ Jack of Spade - I Got Em Goin In

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Children are the Future (of Hip-Hop)

who said the art of scratching was dead?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Young Jeezy - I Got This

New Snowman off that TM:103. Can't Wait. Jeezy always brings the heat.

I Got This - Young Jeezy

Q-Tip ft. Norah Jones - Life is Better (VIDEO)

Q-Tip and Norah Jones made this banger from 08's The Renaissance. One of my favorite songs on the album. The video is artsy and dope, it kinda reminds me of Gnarls Barkley's treatment for "Crazy".

Nas speaks on Derrion Albert

NAs was on CNN this morning to speak about the tragedy that happened in Chicago a few days ago where an innocent 16 year old honor student, Derrion Albert, was beaten to death an instance of Gang Violence. Nas speaks intelligently hear about the influence that music and other media has on our youth, and talks about the open letter he penned to "young warriors" following the incident, which is below:

Dear Young Warriors fighting the wrong wars! Killing each other is definitely played out. Being hurt from the lost of a love one was never cool.

Dear Young Warriors fighting the wrong war! I know that feeling, that frustration with life and needing to take it out on someone, any one. But....

We chose the dumbest things to go the hardest for. I remember seeing deaths over 8 ball jackets, Fila sneakers, and name plate chains. Deaths over "he say, she say"!!!!! "I'm from this block or I'm from that block", or "my moms n pops is f*cked up now the whole world gotta pay"!!!

I remember feeling like I was the hardest "n*gga" breathing. And I couldn't wait to prove it. But let's think. What are we really proving?? And proving what to who?? Everybody knows Chicago breeds the strongest of the strong but I just feel, me, being ya brother from another state feels your pain as if I grew up with you in ya very own household.

You have the ability and mindpower to change they way we are looked at. Look who's watching us young warriors, look who's throwing us in jail constantly, look at the ignorance in the world. Look at the racist dogs who love to see us down. Loving to bury us in the ground or in jail where we continue this worthless war on one another.

Young warriors.... We are WASTING more and more time. We gotta get on our jobs and take over the world. Cuz this movie left the theaters years ago, Juice, Menace, Boys n the Hood , Blood n Blood Out, Belly!

When we see each other why do we see hatred? Why were we born in a storm, born soldiers, WARRIORS....and instead of building each other up we are at war with each other.. May the soul of this young person find peace with the almighty. I'm with you young warriors. You're me and I'm you. But trust me! you are fighting the wrong war.

This sh*t sucks !!



Your fight should to be about becoming bigger and better. To have your own businesses. Real businesses Not Hustles. To have careers not jobs. Not selling mixtapes. You have the resources to do anything you want. There's no excuses. We have no one to blame but ourselves.. We have so much great work to do!!!


TI - Hell of A Life (VIDEO))

I love this song and the sample. Apparently Tip filmed this before he went in.
TI - Hell of A Life

Gucci Mane ft. Plies - Wasted Video

Rockstar Lifestyle might don't make it...
Prolly my favorite Gucci Mane song. They rockin in the video.
Gucci Mane ft. Plies - Wasted

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rick Ross = #FAIL

Made me smile this morning:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Game Dre and Snoop?!?!?

Saw this picture on Just Blaze's twitter:

Just said this:
"This photo was taken in 2009. ...Guess who did the beat.. Guess I'm un-retired for the week. Thanks dp."

If this is real then i'm assuming its for Detox. Its bananas that Game and Dre are back cool again with Snoop in tow no less. Can't wait for the track.