Friday, February 27, 2009

B.B.B. (I thought it was...?)

Sorry guys, this was too good to pass up. I guess I have to say that this is not meant to offend anyone with the last name "Brown" (except for the aforementioned) come on...laugh. You know this mess is hilarious.

shout out to DC To BC for putting me on game.

Sometimes You're Just in the Mood...

...for absolute foolishness. Enjoy.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warchild Veteran

You know alot of people claim what they ain't. Try to rep they "hood" hard as I don't know what. And I ain't about to lie to you I'm bougie, but I stay true to who I am. I reside on the East side of Atlanta but I attend school here at Princeton. Everyone calls me ChiChi or some other nickname of the sort. Music is my first love but Hip-Hop's my soulmate so when I heard of Hip Hop: Art & Life I had to hit up. I serve as the projects chair, so any events y'all wanna hold on the topic of Hip-Hop I'm down. 
Anyway I'm about to put y'all on a true war veteran. I went to a documentary screening a few weeks back called "Call & Response" and Emmanuel Jal was one of the hot artists on there. But what really got me was what he said about music:

"Music is the only form of communication that can enter someone's mind or heart without their permission."

And that's something I choose to live by. I refuse to believe that music doesn't have that power. Check out his video "Warchild." 

Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday we're gonna throw it back with some favorite Old School Tracks. Drop suggestions for what you wanna hear and we can get it on the blog.

Since I ain't get to do my dance at the 90's party, here it is, Digital Underground - Humpty Dance:

Since Julie mentioned De La in her post, here's some older De La Soul and the other members of the Native Tongues Posse with Buddy:

I'm Bad - LL Cool J

BONUS: In honor of Ms. Adetola's 19th Bday, The Fresh Prince Theme Song (FULL VERSION):

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Future of Hip Hop?

What up world? I’m Julie-Irene aka J.I. , a freshman at Pton. Music is my life. Period. Hip Hop makes you feel things I can’t explain in words, so I’m not even going to attempt to try.  As far as what I’m listening to right now, De La Soul’s Stakes Is High album is currently on heavy rotation in my ipod. (Get on that “Wonce Again Long Island”… now!).

BUT, I came to talk to ya’ll about Drake aka Drizzy Drake Rogers aka Aubrey Graham. Yea yea, I know, you’ve already heard about him. But, I also know that some of you  are haters  doubt his abilities (just because he was on Degrassi… smh.) So, I’m posting the links to three of his mixtapes (FYI…my favorite songs by him aren’t even on these mixtapes, but I’m still listening to them on replay):

Room For Improvement:

His first official mixtape, title explains it all. You can hear his potential but he can definitely improve.

Comeback Season:

So, the album is really good. (See “Man of the Year”, “Replacement Girl”, “City Is Mine”, and “Going in For Life”). His delivery and lyricism are on point; this album put Mr. Drizzy Drake Rogers on the map.

So Far So Gone:

Greatness. ‘Nuff said.

Lil’ Wayne has previously said Drake is the Future of Hip Hop….what do you think?!


Sample Spotlight: Rick Ross & Birdman, Dr. Dre

I love it when this happens.

Every hip hop head knows the art of the sample is one of the cornerstones of hip hop production. The ability to take the mood of one song and flip it to make it say something different is well respected in the game. As a kid a game I used to play is spot the sample, i.e. I'd try to figure out what songs were used to make the hits I heard on the radio. This section "Sample Spotlight" will be dedicated to the Samples that provide the background of so many of your favorite songs.

On today's Sample Spotlight, peep the new track I posted by Dr. Dre and T.I. yesterday, Shit Popped Off:

Sometimes, producers will sample the same song at the same time. I give you now, different flip of the same sample, Shittin on Em, by Rick Ross, Birdman, and Busta Rhymes:

Now both of these songs share a funk R&B sample from the masters, Kool & The Gang's Summer Madness (a track that's been sampled plenty in history, most notably by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince):

Who flipped it better is the question...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Go In

Wats up my dudes?

It's ur girl Ashley, a.k.a. Ashley Dre, b.k.a. AD, A. Dre, or any other combination of my first and last name you can think of. I can't tell you how excited I am that HHAL is back and better than ever! And I am honored to be serving as your VP. If you know me, you know that music is my thing (well, music and eating)...I'm known for having an oversized iTunes library and it's constantly growing. I listen to everything but when it comes to Hip Hop, I gotta say I'ma bit of an old school head. I would be a bad friend if I didn't shout out the Internetgoon and Modi over at DCtoBC who inspired this blog. Those cats still get down, so check them out every once in a while lol.

But honestly this isn't about me, this space, this club, everything we do, is about YOU. We got some hot stuff in the coming months that you better be on the lookout for and you'll be pissed if you miss them. In order to become the force we have in mind, we need y'all to tell us what you want to hear about. We need y'all to start arguing about the issues we raise. We wanna see y'all getting excited about stuff on facebook, youtube,, FML, twitter--watever--and then letting us know what you're juiced about.

But this is all beside the point. I really came here to share a new joint i'm kinda hyped about. My dude Kimble Wright from New Orleans hit me up the other night. After we talked about school he told me he was pursuing "this music thing". Now, I remember this cat when he just joked around with Fruity Loops in high school so I was expecting some 6 minute long under-produced beat with a midi-keyboard melody. When I say I was SPEECHLESS when i heard this track, you gotta believe me. My dude has the second verse and the shit is raw. For all y'all putting in work whether you holding down that 9-5, finishing up that thesis, or working the frist welcome desk, you'll want this on your iPods.

Here's the download link:
I Go In (Deuce G Feat. Kimble Wright and G-Eazy)

who said boarding school cats don't go hard?


Aight so I'm Jerome a.k.a Dub J a.k.a the President of HHAL and Blackbox. I'm a sophomore at Princeton and as far as Hip Hop goes, you could say I listen to a little bit of everything. Right now I'm bumpin that new Drake mixtape So Far Gone, Miscellaneous Jay-Z songs, as well as a music from a bunch of rapper's off that class of 09 XXL cover:

Anyway that's enough about me. On to the topic which is Dr. Dre's highly anticipated long overdue album Detox. Is anyone still checkin for this record? I remember them talkin bout it back when I was 15. The reason I ask is various reference tracks featuring T.I. have been leaking and the beats go kinda hard. What y'all think? How do we feel about ghostwriting in Hip Hop? Why is it acceptable for Dre to do it?

Topless - Dr. Dre ft. T.I. and Nas

Shit Popped Off - Dr. Dre ft. T.I.

I Am Hip-Hop - Dr. Dre ft. T.I. and Kobe

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Hip Hop: It’s not just music… It’s a lifestyle. A culture that moves with the times and reflects the good and bad of society. I grew with it, as did many, and as Hip Hop head, I feel it is my duty to make sure it is well represented. In taking on the job of President of Hip Hop: Art & Life, I have made it my mission to spread awareness of this beautiful culture on the campus of Princeton University, and moreover, anyone within earshot. More importantly, I am surrounded and aided by a small group of talented fellow students and Hip Hop heads, all sharing that same mission and same passion for the culture and its pillars.

In the coming semesters you will see this little club grow as the voice of Hip Hop has grown in the past decades. You will see opportunities to get involved, share your own unique voice, and spread the culture – we hope you take those opportunities. You will see Hip Hop represented well.

Consider Us Back.