Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warchild Veteran

You know alot of people claim what they ain't. Try to rep they "hood" hard as I don't know what. And I ain't about to lie to you I'm bougie, but I stay true to who I am. I reside on the East side of Atlanta but I attend school here at Princeton. Everyone calls me ChiChi or some other nickname of the sort. Music is my first love but Hip-Hop's my soulmate so when I heard of Hip Hop: Art & Life I had to hit up. I serve as the projects chair, so any events y'all wanna hold on the topic of Hip-Hop I'm down. 
Anyway I'm about to put y'all on a true war veteran. I went to a documentary screening a few weeks back called "Call & Response" and Emmanuel Jal was one of the hot artists on there. But what really got me was what he said about music:

"Music is the only form of communication that can enter someone's mind or heart without their permission."

And that's something I choose to live by. I refuse to believe that music doesn't have that power. Check out his video "Warchild." 


  1. This is tight. Indeed music enters our minds without permission...what i especially love about this cat is his delivery. He's forcing you to pay attention and speaking to you, so much you forget that this is a song. I'm moved. Anyone else?

  2. i def forgot this was a song...

    next level shit