Thursday, April 30, 2009

Throwback Thursday

Back Again and we are gonna kill it with those ill summer jams. I'm so ready to be outta school. Here we go:

From the summer of 95, Skee-Lo - I Wish

The honesty kills me everytime lol

Hot in Herre - Nelly (lol @ Flo-Rida hijackin his style)

Unh. This one right here. No words. Busta Rhymes ft. Puffy -Pass the Courvoisier Pt. 2

Let's Take a Fantastic Voyage - Coolio

Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride

Jay-Z and UGK - Big Pimpin. Sounds like the Sun's out

And Of Course DJ Jazzy Jefff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime

Relax......Class is over with lol. Good luck with exams and what not.

Asher Roth Ft. Cee Lo - Be By Myself

Nice summery Track/video. I love summertime Hip Hop. Matta fact...

For Trey Peacock lol

Check out Hurricane Chris' latest video, Halle Berry:

You can see them doin the Trey Peacock/Krystal Hill dance in the beginning lol

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

POETRY MONTH: Women's Appreciation

This past weekend was BMAG's (Black Men's Awareness Group/Black Men Are Great) [shout out to Genay K.] Annual Women's Appreciation Dinner and in honor to that I thought I'd wrap up poetry month with a couple of poems dedicated to beautiful black women.

The following poem is by the young Aja-Monet, who I had the pleasure to meet a few months back at the Yale Black Solidarity Conference. Still working on her to come down to Princeton, but for now this fly poem about a beautiful young girl should do. You should also check out her blog, she's some type fly.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Method Man & Redman ft. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon - 4 Minutes To Lockdown

This song is amazing. All four artist go in over a great beat. This is a shot of adrenaline I wasn't expecting from the Red and Meth Album Blackout! 2. I'm excited about this album now.
4 Minutes To Lockdown:

BONUS: Da Rockwilder:
That ill Red and Meth collabo from the first Blackout album.

EVENT PICS: HHAL 1st Annual Block Party

This past weekend was Part II of HHAL's first annual Block Party. In case you missed it, or couldn't be there, we have some pics for y'all.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Where is L Boogie

Alexis Morgan posted this on Fbook and I thought I'd share:

Def Poetry Jam always kills. We need some good female artists for real to make a movement. We miss you Lauryn Hill.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 AM - Eminem

Eminem spittin some tongue twister ish.

via RapRadar and Nahright. Y'all already know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joe Budden Goin In

Joe Budden x The Roots pt.1 Live @ The Jam 4/14 from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

I like this dude. pause. He kills it just about everytime, and he's pretty funny on joebuddentv (youtube it). anyway here he is with The Roots spittin bars. Its hard to get the crowd on your side with straight bars, but he manages just fine.

POETRY MONTH: "Sha-Clack-Clack!"

This past Monday was my second time tutoring at A.C. Wagner Prison over in Borderton New Jersey. The inmates there are extremely bright, and the way I categorize that is by a willingness to learn. I teach writing and have the inmates write short esssays as I look over them and discuss with them what ways to write better; apart from grammar or spelling, I rather have them focus on the content, and I how to get their ideas onto paper, in beautifully descriptive ways.

This experience reminded me of the movie SLAM featuring Saul Williams. Saul Williams plays Ray, a talented MC caught up in the DC prison system. In his time in prison he meets a woman named Lauren, who teaches English at the prison. Ray, not realizinig his full potential through his lyricism struggles between the rights and wrongs of the Dodge City Projects, aiming to find his way. The following is a clip at the end of the movie. I recommend y'all rent it.

However, one of the things that did bother in my time there, is the way they ask for the tutors to treat the inmates. They asked that we be professional and that we should be reminded that we are dealing with criminals. If you ask me, I refuse to treat people as if they are less than what they should be or have the potential to be. I chose writing because I honestly believe that my time there will make a difference. If you think it's THE GAME that got them caught up in this system, I can tell you THE GAME can get you out. Write It. Think It. Believe It.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too.....Many......Single...... Ladies.........

Beyonce has an army, and they are mobilized:

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Cudi Mixtape! - Dat Kid From Cleveland

Happy 4/20

Shouts to

Sky Might Fall (Soul Version)

The singer/producer Novel made a soulful Cover of Cudi's unfinished banger "Sky Might Fall". It's on some smooth shit. A New Cudi mixtape is dropping tonight as a 4/20 present lol. As soon as I get it, y'all got it. Props to's Soul Rebel and Nah Right for this:

Sky Might Fall Soul Version:

Damn Chingy...SMH, UPDATE: Chingy Responds

UPDATE: Chingy Responds

Saw this video on Bossip today:

A Transsexual rapper named Foxxjazell calls into this radio show and basically puts Chingy, famous for "Right Thurr" and "One Call Away" on blast, going as far as to say Chingy was the "receiver" in their relationship. Whatever floats your boat, I'm not casting any stones here, but why lie about how your getting it in...

Is Foxxjazell just tryna get publicity? I don't know. File this under Rumors/News?

Foxxjazell's "Music" video for her song "Priority"


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wondering what happened to all the women in Hip Hop?

Me too. Till we try and answer that question, here's a mixtape from Young Money's latest signee, Nicki Minaj. She's got charisma for sure, and the joints I've heard, "I Get Crazy" and "Go Hard" are type ill. Anyway Check out the mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty below:

Props to Nah rizzle fa shizzle.

Hit Me on Twitter

Mr. FAB with a technologically savvy joint I'm diggin right now.

You can follow me on twitter @DubJ. Holla @ Me. HHAL is spreadin out. Specially with the success of the Block Party. Roll with us or get rolled over.

Friday, April 17, 2009


The whole team has been grinding hard to put this event together for yall. It will be something to remember. Now to get some rest so I can actually enjoy the fruit of all the labor this week required.

Old School Kanye

Kanye West In The Studio! from Rob Yung on Vimeo.

Kanye in the studio with Jay-z back when he was a nobody. You gotta respect his hustle. We didn't get yall with the Throwback Thursday but it was for good reason. Look Up!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ryan Leslie is Fake?? Don't Knock It 'Til You Watch It

I hope y'all didn't forget me. I know I've been ghost for the longest, but trust me, it's been all for you guys. We have the illest event to hit campus in a hot minute (as I'm sure you already know) this Friday (and next!) so I've been hustling for that plus school...

Anyway, a while back a friend of mine was like "Hey have you heard the rumor that Ryan Leslie is just a really deep Sasha Baron Cohen character?" and I was like NO WAY is that even possible. Then we argued for a bit before he showed me this video. I still don't believe it, but....well, gosh, see for yourself.

Ryan Leslie is Borat??

My Two Cents: Oprah gets the Gas Face

Feel free to disagree, but I'm a little upset with Oprah Winfrey right now. Somehow someway I got the chance to see the April 14th episode of her show, which was dedicated to Country Music.


Now I'm not gonna knock country music. I don't really listen to it but respect it as a genre and have friends who listen to it. But come the fuck on Oprah (c)Jamie Foxx. All the smack she talks about Hip Hop, despite it being the reigning King of American Culture, despite the thousands of viable topics it brings up, despite the Good and Real that it brings into the world, and she has the nerve to do a whole episode dedicated to country music?!?!

Now don't get me wrong. Any other day I'm a fan of Ms. Winfrey. She gets paid, she does good for the community, she brings awareness to important issues. But the way she attacks Hip Hop while promoting country music really disappoints me. My two cents.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

King Geedorah...

So, some of you might already know about him but for those of you that don't, Daniel Dumile aka King Geedorah, MF Doom,Viktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers, Zev Love X and Supervillain is a hip hop mastermind. Hearing his music was refreshing, it legit made my day, and even though he's been out for awhile he's not mainstream... (as most really good rappers). His album "Take Me to your Leader" under his stage name (one of many) King Geedorah, put out in '03 is the issh. He says of his own album, "You should listen to the album for what it is and not expect it to be like the average "rap" stuff you’re probably used to. Geedorah is a space monster. He's not from the Earth. I made it different on purpose. A blend of ill lyrics and instrumentals. To me its way iller than any of the wack shit out now... This whole album is Geedorah's alien perspective on humans. This is done intentionally to show the listener a mirror image of his/herself and the way we see each other". Check his stuff out, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

P.S If you like what you hear check out his other stuff as MF Doom and Supervillain. Also, I have both these songs lol so if you want them contact me and I can send them to you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ryan Leslie in the studio with Keri Hilson and Fabolous

If you haven't seen this dude make a beat u need to hit his youtube page immediately...

Here he is making Addiction:

Technology maaaaaan. Stuff like this makes you appreciate all that goes into making a good song, I wish more producers got on that flip cam status and showed themselves cookin up the stuff that we hear on the radio.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Throwback Thursday

Since Blackbox is 80's themed tonight, I'ma hit y'all with some 80's vids for TT. Let's Go:

One of the most important songs ever Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message

Hall of Famers Run-DMC - Rock Box

Slick Rick - A Teenage Love

That illness, Kool G Rap, Master Ace, Big Daddy Kane, Craig G, Marley Marl - The Symphony

This beat is on some other shit. Eric B. and Rakim - I Ain't no Joke

Maino buys Jada

Maino hits Best Buy in Phoenix to cop the new Jadakiss album. I like seeing stuff like this but it's kind of bittersweet. The Recession has hit, and its just harder and harder to sell a record in this day and age. We were all excited when Wayne sold a milli but only a few years ago rappers sold a few times that with weaker records ex. Nellyville got 5 times platinum in 02. Jada aint touchin that even if the artistic quality is better. His first album went platinum - what does that say about the state of the music buisness.

Whats it gonna take to get people to go out and buy records again. What's the last record you bought for real?

South Park Goes In On Kanye


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Officer Ricky ft. Weezy, Yeezy, T-Pain - Maybach Music 2

Been waitin on this joint and it doesn't disappoint at all. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League is supplying Ricky with classic beats, and may be the only reason his career is still viable after all of 50 Cent's attempts to drown him. Ross has the background music of a classic.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pics from Dimples7UK

Our very own Dr. Cornel West was at Calvin College in Michigan for their Festival of Faith and Music 2009 on April 3rd. He interviwed Mr. Lupe Fiasco.

Audio Courtesy of LupEND and Nahright of course.
It's 60 minutes long so pop some popcorn:

Eminem - We Made You Song + Video

BRAND NEW EMINEM. His first single off Relapse Props to YN. The Video is Here...

Dre in the Star Trek uniform = hilarity, as well as the rest of the video

We Made You

Monday, April 6, 2009

Busta Rhymes and T-Pain - Hustler's Anthem

Check Busta Back on his Bullshit lol.

Anyone else miss the fun lovin Busta from the 90's?


Who you got?

Mos is talkin some friendly trash out in Detroit, seeming pretty damn confident I might add. He freestyles at the end. Who would win in a battle between Mos, Jay-z, and Weezy tho?

Mos is insane, lol Iono. I think I'd take Weezy out the equation...

Young Money - Every Girl

Get The Song Here:


...Lil Kim is a beast at dancing. Who knew? peep her on dancing with the stars.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Poker Face

The Boys from Good Music, Kanye,KiD CuDi, and Common get nasty over a Lady Gaga Sample Props to Nahright (via KanYe himself):

I Poker Face


KiD CuDi ft. Wale - Look Up In Da Stars

KiD CuDi - Switchin Lanes

Run-DMC inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eminem inducts Run DMC into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

Run-DMC accepts:

Simply beautiful. Hip Hop keeps on moving forward.

*Goes and listens to Rock Box*

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jay-Z + The Roots - Renegade

Top 3 Jay-Z albums (as far as I'm concerned):
1. Reasonable doubt
2. The Blueprint
3. Black Album

The growth between and throughout the bodies of work above is probably the best in Hip Hop. Who has been around long enough, been relevant long enough to make something as amazing as the three above albums. Consistency and Growth. Any way shouts to for the exclusive footage. I love the internet.

EDIT: The embed code isn't working but even better is this youtube video I found, Jay and Em on stage performing Renegade live. The Roots performance is here

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Throwback Thursday - Marvin Gaye Edition

Marvin Gaye's Birthday is today, and the anniversary of his death was yesterday. In his honor, for throwback thursday, here are a few Hip Hop Songs that sampled him, plus the songs they came from.

Turn Da Lights Off - Tweet ft. Missy

The sample is right there in the beginning. It comes from

If This World Were Mine - Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Next Up, The Pen & The Needlz - Lupe blacks out on the track, listen to the lyrics

It's sampled from the Marvin track Mercy, Mercy Me (go to 2:40 to hear the sampled part)

We get a 2 for one on this one. 50 Cent - Ghetto Qu'ran

and Smilez and Southstar's one hit wonder Tell Me

both sample Stop, Look, Listen to your heart by Marvin and Diana Ross (this is a remix, but you owe it to your self to download the original)
allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Shaggy - Mr. Bombastic

Sampled from Let's Get it On (duh!)

Finally, The best Marvin Gaye Sample of all time goes to Kanye West - Spaceship (starts at :33)

That sample is from Distant Lover:

I could listen to those last two songs on repeat forever.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a reminder that the BAC show is bout to go down next weekend. Tickets on sale now. Gotta represent for those groups on campus that uplift Hip Hop.

B A.....................C!!!

POETRY MONTH: Bonafide Rojas- In Front Of The Class

In light of poetry month, I thought I'd hit y'all up with some hot spoken word artists.

This piece is one of my favorites because it shows you the strength of art and love. It shows how inspiring and moving art can be, changing circumstances, changing lives, changing yourself. I think many times people forget how you can actually teach people through other ways besides standing In Front Of A Classroom barking orders and giving busy work. People don't understand that the love of the money is nowhere as immense as the love of the people. Art is amazing. It sees all things, shows all things, and experiences all things. Enjoy: Bonafide Rojas =D

After Midnight

Dope LA based painter and former grafitti artist, Steven Lopez recently added Amerykahn Promise to his collection of the After Midnight Series featuring Erykah Badu (who just had a baby and is still looking flyer than ever). The After Midnight Series, which includes pieces featuring India.Arie, Jill Scott, Chaka Khan and more, the amazing women of soul will be available at midnight on April 15, 2009.

Lopez has been working as an artist for over 10 years and is constantly inspired by his interactions with people, culture, and music. And of course, that's my favorite thing about the piece. This piece exemplifies art recognizing art, paying tribute to a genre apart from your own.

UPDATE: VIDEO OF Ms. Badu signing these amazing prints