Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ryan Leslie is Fake?? Don't Knock It 'Til You Watch It

I hope y'all didn't forget me. I know I've been ghost for the longest, but trust me, it's been all for you guys. We have the illest event to hit campus in a hot minute (as I'm sure you already know) this Friday (and next!) so I've been hustling for that plus school...

Anyway, a while back a friend of mine was like "Hey have you heard the rumor that Ryan Leslie is just a really deep Sasha Baron Cohen character?" and I was like NO WAY is that even possible. Then we argued for a bit before he showed me this video. I still don't believe it, but....well, gosh, see for yourself.

Ryan Leslie is Borat??

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  1. naaaahhhh... it can't be... ryan leslie is too much of a g! he's too talented and he graduated from Harvard so I hope he's a real