Thursday, April 2, 2009

Throwback Thursday - Marvin Gaye Edition

Marvin Gaye's Birthday is today, and the anniversary of his death was yesterday. In his honor, for throwback thursday, here are a few Hip Hop Songs that sampled him, plus the songs they came from.

Turn Da Lights Off - Tweet ft. Missy

The sample is right there in the beginning. It comes from

If This World Were Mine - Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Next Up, The Pen & The Needlz - Lupe blacks out on the track, listen to the lyrics

It's sampled from the Marvin track Mercy, Mercy Me (go to 2:40 to hear the sampled part)

We get a 2 for one on this one. 50 Cent - Ghetto Qu'ran

and Smilez and Southstar's one hit wonder Tell Me

both sample Stop, Look, Listen to your heart by Marvin and Diana Ross (this is a remix, but you owe it to your self to download the original)
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Shaggy - Mr. Bombastic

Sampled from Let's Get it On (duh!)

Finally, The best Marvin Gaye Sample of all time goes to Kanye West - Spaceship (starts at :33)

That sample is from Distant Lover:

I could listen to those last two songs on repeat forever.

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