Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Future of Hip Hop?

What up world? I’m Julie-Irene aka J.I. , a freshman at Pton. Music is my life. Period. Hip Hop makes you feel things I can’t explain in words, so I’m not even going to attempt to try.  As far as what I’m listening to right now, De La Soul’s Stakes Is High album is currently on heavy rotation in my ipod. (Get on that “Wonce Again Long Island”… now!).

BUT, I came to talk to ya’ll about Drake aka Drizzy Drake Rogers aka Aubrey Graham. Yea yea, I know, you’ve already heard about him. But, I also know that some of you  are haters  doubt his abilities (just because he was on Degrassi… smh.) So, I’m posting the links to three of his mixtapes (FYI…my favorite songs by him aren’t even on these mixtapes, but I’m still listening to them on replay):

Room For Improvement:

His first official mixtape, title explains it all. You can hear his potential but he can definitely improve.

Comeback Season:

So, the album is really good. (See “Man of the Year”, “Replacement Girl”, “City Is Mine”, and “Going in For Life”). His delivery and lyricism are on point; this album put Mr. Drizzy Drake Rogers on the map.

So Far So Gone:

Greatness. ‘Nuff said.

Lil’ Wayne has previously said Drake is the Future of Hip Hop….what do you think?!



  1. So Far Gone pretty much needs to be its own album...

    So what are your favorite songs by him?

  2. Good looks on highlighting my future husband Julie...and if anyone wants to hate cuz of Degrassi you can find me in frist...I'm ready to scrap.

  3. My favorites are "Forever", "Stunt Hard", "I'm Still Fly" and "Money to Blow"...

  4. So Far Gone is some mood music. reminds me of 808's if 808's had rapping. i wonder how dwight would feel about it.

    Forever is an anthem tho,

    and wow @ Stakes iz high!!!

  5. JULIE! drake is AMAZING. i loved degrassi. and i knew he rapped but i never knew he KILLED it like that. im so glad u introduced he to his music. :)

    Ransom= my anthem.
    say whats real, forever, best i ever had, and scucessful are some of my other faves.

  6. Say whats real and lust for life kill it. The beats are ill. All of Drake's lyrics are "fresher than a pillow wit a mint on it" as he would say....