Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kobe Bryant

If you've been keeping up with the NBA Finals, you would've witnessed the Magic's pitiful 25-point defeat last night. Anyway, I'm not the biggest NBA expert, but I keep up with what I can when the playoffs start-up. But what has amazed me most is the sports history that I'm witnessing and even it's connection with the hip-hop culture in regards to the [false notion] that you could only make it out of the hood is if you were ballin' or spittin'. But this Weezy joint pays homage to Lakers' star Kobe Bryant expressing that connection but praising it nonetheless. Of course, the two greatest in their profession come from entirely different backgrounds, but I love how hip-hop transcends it all, acknowledging the greatness that is our people.

Check out Weezy's new joint: Kobe Bryant


  1. I'm disgusted lol. No way did u just call lil wayne the greatest in his profession. and BOOOOOOOO Lakers. k i'm done

  2. I agree with Jerome...Lil' Wayne is NOT the greatest. lol But, Kobe is a beast.

  3. yea, imma have to agree with DubJ and J.I. on this one. Lil Wayne is NOT the greatest, BUT Kobe is most def a monster on the court when he gets in that mode. Arguably the best player in the world right now. Greatest in their professions tho? Not by any means. Hot right now? Without a doubt

  4. haha appreciate the love y'all. neither are my favorite, but i ain't knocking their accomplishments in either or their professions at all...

    btw go magic!