Friday, September 25, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Mama's Mustache

I am currently digging Mama's Mustache, an Atlanta-based duo consisting of producer, Mr. DJ, also the cousin of super-producer Rico Wade, and Jeff B.

Mama's Mustache, meaning every lady's man, officially formed in 2008. Mr. DJ who has produced a significant amount of hits for Outkast, met Jeff B in 2003 at a friend's get-together. The two grew up in the same area of College Park district of Atlanta. The two, continued to stay involved in the music industry, separately working with artists such as T.I. and Destiny's Child. Later, the two became artistic partners after working on Common's Universal Mind Control in 2008.

Their song Job Hunting speaks truth to the current economic and social situation that Americans are dealing with. Check them out at WWW.MAMASMUSTACHE.COM

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