Monday, November 23, 2009

Auction Block To Hip Hop

Our 300th Post is dedicated to the production Auction Block To Hip Hop, which HHAL is bringin to campus on December 5th @ 10pm in McCosh 10.

The creators of Platanos and Collard Greens present their new production, Auction Block to Hip Hop. Auction Block to Hip Hop is a love story that explores the gender and racial issues that permeate the hip hop culture. Starting from the beginning days of slavery, going into the recent days of President Obama’s election, the play offers lessons of encouragement to heal the wounded relationships between African-American men and women that have occurred for the last few centuries. A multi-platinum selling, hip-hop mogul, named Set Fo’ Life! is visited by three ghosts who take him through different periods of African American history, where he falls in love with a women named Rose. We see throughout the play, that Set is given all the lessons and skills necessary to fight against the exploitive misogyny in the music industry, as well as the “rewards” if he chooses to submit to the same temptations of the industry. Set must choose between these temptations and the love of his life.

Co-Sponsors include Accion Latina, BMAG, PABW, Equal Writes, PCC, Alcohol Initiative, USG Projects Board, American Studies Department, and Lewis Center for the Arts.

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