Monday, December 28, 2009

Lil King - Wiggy Wiggy (Music Video)

"Girls say hi/when i walk by//wanna know why?/cuz I'm so fly..."
Pretty good for an 8 year old lmao. This is Lil king with his own song and dance at 8 yrs old. My friend Sarina put me on lol. Check him out with Wiggy Wiggy.


  1. lil king is such a little pest every time i watch some of his videos they just test my paitience i mean the lil fresh boys they are so wack their just trying to be like the new boyz and the wiggy wiggy it is just stupid why are you going to write a song if the same as another song the wiggy wiggy is get silly but it is proformed by a little tha tis only 7 and cant rap.

  2. were are the lyrics if u dont have them i can post them for u

  3. dont listen to wat people say for comments there juss jelous they cant have wat u guys have i love all ur songs and your gruop name the freshboyz are tight keep it up