Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cuz I Feel Like It - Jay Electronica - The Pledge (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)


If you've heard this fine, but if not...

Give me 9 minutes and 5 seconds, your open mind, and your undivided attention and I'll make you a believer.

Willy Wonka. Politics. An pretty, percussion-less soundtrack from a strange Jim Carrey Movie. A righteous attitude. Mystery. Paranoia. Spiritualism.

Jay Electronica molds all these influences and concepts into a lengthy poetry collage of an experience that never disappoints. Its essentially 4 poems, spit to the eeriest, mood provoking soundtracks you'll hear anywhere. His flow hear is pulled completely out of the air, as there are no drums to guide him, and it is phenomenal. Read along with the song and note the beautiful shape of the lines as the carve out their place on the page. Follow his logic and rewind when you have to. Soak this shit all in, because when your done, you will understand the underground hype the man gets. Funnily enough, I remember when this first came out 3 years ago and not understanding what I was hearing. I was entertained, but I wasn't ready. I'm ready now, and I want more.

Press Play.
The Poetry.
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

She said she never fell in love with a superman
Christian, Muslim, Protestant, Lutheran,
I told her that being a mortal is the portal to the true nature of growth; the Christ like Buddha man
That's why I never spit the traditional garbage of a night fight, bright lights, white ice to the fans
The radio is just a stereo, like the house aint a home, and a chair is just a chair, ask Luther Van
Go to work; go to church let your dreams die
Bowtie, final call, and a bean pie
yarmulke for Hanukah, wish list for Christmas
This is the jist of the life that we lead, why?
So you can fit in, with the close minded in the sit-ins, and clotheslined in the ed-end
I could care less about a plaque and Bidd-enz or get Punked on TV by my frid-ends
Don't get a nigga wrong, I get tempted by the rewards that all come along with making nigga songs
But what does it mean if I'm a Muslim and you a Jew and because of that alone we don't get along
And when you talk like this, and try to walk like this the radio stations'll never put a nigga on
Just Mims, just Fifty, just Wayne, just Jeezy, Dem Franchize Boyz, and Jimmy Jones
Fuck that, fuck rap this God-hop,
King-dom mu-sic for the hard rocks
Imma spit it till T-R-L get it and Hot ninety-seven hit the nigga with a bomb drop
Ask Flex, ask Slay, ask Who Kidd
Just blaze said Jay is the new kid
I took Eternal Sunshine and I looped it
No drums no hook just new shit

Paper Thin

the handling of a hearts
a very delicate art
cause it's paper thin
one irrelevant thought
that started out as a spark
could be a poisonous dart
that leaves a permenent mark
thats ice cold in the day and burns in the dark
and makes you never wanna see her face again
tee-hee what a place im in
lead me to the sta-tio-n
a one way ticket, dont look back
one cold tear that frozen crack
a whole lotta pain im holdin back
sheriff said f that roll the sack
i said if my skull was cracked
and blood ran out to the culdesac
that could not match me where im at
my memories flash me there and back
yup there goes me right there in black
holdin hands not starin back
she starts cryin i start denying and its my fault
and im aware of that
man in hindsight signs be glarin back
wheres the map
to show you where your at
i can hear the crowd yelling i can smell the tire smoke
i can hear the starter pistol wheres the track
ring no answer came home late
jane told dick she had a date
but they was just chillin
and at that moment the right brain says to the left just kill em
make the headlines make the front page wild out in the court house man thrill em
theyll say the boy dead wrong but i feel em


Voodooman, chickenbone chickenbone
I can make a thunderstorm from a light rain
My ears start ringing
My nose get bloody
I feel a lil' bit of pressure on my right brain
Intermission transmission
Put me in submission
Glistening trapped in the light prison whistling
the christ told me come closer to the light man
I went blind woke up in front of a mic stand

Voodoo man, tap dancing in the French Quarter
Walking on water with a scroll in my hand
The bluerprints for disc shaped like a vessel
that was chiseled out of metal off the coast of Japan
Fasting on the top of a mountain I went to postland
Saw a shiny object floating out of the ocean
I'm sort of like a postman
You can get the message if you want to understand
From the rap slumber man

Voodoman, civilize the savage
Criticize the parish
Spreading false doctrine
terrorize the cleric
for carrying on nonsense
specialised lies to paralyse the conscience
chit chatter
Spitting out matter
While i'm shitting out data
mmm, chew em up shitting out rappers
Sipping Pelegrino while i'm giving out matches
Set yourself on fire
Let the wisdom of Elijah
purify ya take a nigga higher
Sold your soul to the high-est buyer
Now you're on the wire
talking about two-foot tires
Saying you sell crack
clapping at cats with macs
but you a liar
pants on fire
Same old rugged cross
different crucified messiah


while you was blowin X amount of dollars on a bracelet
the sovereign nation of france was openin they files on the UFO phenomenon i-e spaceships
its just the facts jack may as well face it
every rhyme i write the seal get cracked in the chapter of revalations
a atom get cracked in the blackness of meditation
mysterious shit
call me Jay Dogon im on some serious/sirius shit
scholars wonder why do he bust
allah blessed me with a midasy touch
everything i lay the hands turn to ethopian gold shiny and buffed
i got a firm understandin on the minus and plus
so i aint got time to argue with a rapper bout how he aint got rhymes
thats fuckin with mines
im trying to kill lucifer, so if i have to brake
cuz a rapper in my face
tellin me that he the great
you can bet a shiny nickel ill blast his motherfuckin ass way past jupiter
you couldnt be stupider
fuckin with the nuc-l-ear
aztec lion
asiatic black man from zion
quetzalcoatl supreme
lettin off steam
dimethyltriptamine make a man dream
but yall would much rather hear me rappin bout trash
the size of erykahs ass blunts and cash
we need savin
mines are consumed with swine we need bathin

Are you watching closely?

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  1. Enigmatic.
    His every word is laced with a greater-than-literal meaning and abundant knowledge and authority.