Monday, August 10, 2009


I think it’s unfair to say that female rappers aren’t going anywhere. Just because they haven’t been successful, it shouldn’t define the destiny of other “female rappers,” every person is an individual. It’s a new time period, new artists are emerging crazily, look at what the world looks like. Not that they haven’t been successful they haven’t been as consistent. I stand apart by my femininity. I feel like a lot of female rappers try to emulate men in a sense. They try to emulate the same force and aggression in their tone, delivery and lyrics.

Harlem's own 18-year old Azealia Banks is on her way to dominating the hip-hop game with her edgy, promiscuous lyrics and eclectic flow. Girl got a lot of sass, and brings you back to 15-year old Foxy Brown when she was featured on Jay-Z's "Ain't No Ni**a."

Seventeen - Azealia Banks

Don't get it twisted. Miss Banks refuses to apologize for her "offensive" lyrics and at the same time doesn't lean on mere sexuality to boost her career. She's just a chick that spits true fire.

Shout out to BOYS + CLOTHES ONLINE for the interview.


  1. she is crazy talented... that freestyle!! damn, she killed it.

  2. that song was fire. ima need it on my ipod like stat.