Monday, August 3, 2009

Fabolous - Loso's Way - Review

In an effort to keep y'all more informed about the music and culture of Hip Hop, the crew has decided to start doing album reviews. Our Inaugural review is Fabolous' Loso's Way.

Anyone keeping up with John David Jackson’s latest project, Loso’s Way, knows that he pictures the album as an answer to Jay-Z’s last record American Gangster; Like Jay, Fab went to the movies and picked hood requisite Carlito’s Way to frame his work. Fab even got Hov to lend him a AG leftover, the smooth “Money Goes, Honey Stay”. So does the theatrical concept work well for Loso?

Yes and No. On this album Fabolous brings what he does best: clever punchlines, swaggerific braggadocio, big singles, and songs that cater to the females. Tracks like “Salute” with Weezy showing up to deliver more of the same mindless freestyle that’s his trademark, and “There He Go” featuring Red Café , Freck Billionaire and Paul Cain has Fab get grimy over heavy bass. These songs are good, but show little growth in a rapper who has been around for 5 albums. Fortunately the production doesn’t lack over the album’s 16 tracks. Ryan Leslie and Fab have great chemistry on record, and “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere” is undeniable thanks to its playful bounce and Keri Hilson hook. The single “Throw it in the Bag” hits hard thanks to Tricky Stewart and The Dream, the laid back “Last Time” sounds like a Bow Wow record ( I mean that in the nicest way possible). So good, somewhat cliché Fab album right?

Actually Fabolous does show growth on Loso’s way. The last four songs on the album are all remarkably good. “Pachanga” makes me wish he had stuck to the album’s concept more closely, as its Latin sample and backstabbing story line are Grade A. “Stay” featuring Marsha Ambrosius lets Fabolous wax sentimental about fatherhood and works basically on all levels.

Overall I’d say this album was a solid effort, as always, on Fabolous part. It works better when he sticks to the theme, showing growth and maturity from a rapper who rarely lets his true personality shine on wax, but its tangents are good enough to stand on their own.

Pros: Great Quality Control, Great Beats, Nice Punchlines
Cons: Strays from theme a little too often, some clichéd substance
Overall Grade: B-

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