Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Artist Spotlight: 3XL Crew (Three Times a Lady Crew)

So at the Yale's Black Solidarity Conference, Chichi and I got the chance to meet a very intelligent and passionate young woman named Menda Franchise Francois. Impressed by her comments on the media, its portrayal of Black people, and her opinion about creating a dichotomy between "Niggers" and Black Folks, Chichi and I knew we needed to switch contact info with her.

With her group, 3XL, Menda takes on a wide variety of topics, basing it all from a feminist viewpoint.

From L to R: Shayna Israel, Nikki Lopez, Menda Franchise Francois

Can They Spit? Hell Yeah they can, check the lyrics on Real Hip-Hop which pays homage to their influences:

Here's an article about the trio. Peep the group's myspace page, Menda and her trio mates Shayna Israel and Nikki Lopez have a tremendous amount of talent and potential, and you may see them here for a conference in the future.

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